This video blows my mind!! Check it out!

For my three week block during my  internship I did an integrated unit on technology and globalization. As a launch for the unit we watched the following video Did you know Technology? which is all about the evolution and future of technology in our world.

I still can not get over how prominent technology is in society, and how exponentially fast new and better technologies are being created.

The class followed up the video by predicting what new technologies were to come.

Some of their predictions were:

  • Teleportation
  • A real invisibility cloak
  • Flying cars
  • A computer smarter then humans ( which supposedly is on its way!)
  • Digital teachers ( but what my job!?!)

This activity got me thinking that if technology is so pertinent in our world, and in the life’s of our students ( and our life) how can we ensure that we integrate these technologies into their schooling.


2 thoughts on “This video blows my mind!! Check it out!

  1. I don’t mean to be a myth buster, but these are just random speculations! There are several books on the likeliness of these technologies being created and mass produced. Buuuuuuut I mean who really knows what’ll take place in the future anyways?!

  2. Thanks for the myth busting Kirrrk! I totaly agree with you on how we DO NOT KNOW what the future is going to bring. With my class we actually talked about this after watching the video, and talked about how videos like this does not actually mean it will happen. We also had discussions about how people use to beleive their would be flying cars in the future but there isnt, so that our predictions are not always or even usually correct.

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