21st Century Teacher!

I just figured out how to search for  fellow educators on Twitter ( Still have only had one tweet, but I am trying to become more twitter literate!) and I was looking through one teachers Educational blog, and she had a list of the top twenty blogs that teachers must know about, so of course I bookmark this blog and start clicking around and I found an article about 21st century teachers, and I thought it was so exciting all of the many possibilities that technology provides teachers and students!

“21 Signs You’re a 21st Century Teacher


Are you a 21st Century Teacher? Find out! PLUS if you can help me add to my list you may win a special $200 prize. Keep reading to find out how…

1. You require your students to use a variety of sources for their research projects…and they cite blogs, podcasts, and interviews they’ve conducted via Skype.

2. Your students work on collaborative projects…with students in Australia.

3. You give weekly class updates to parents…via your blog.


4. Your students participate in class…by tweeting their questions and comments.

5. You ask your students to study and create reports on a controversial topic…and you grade their video submissions.

6. You prepare substitutes with detailed directions…via Podcasts.

7. You ask your students to do a character/historical person study…and they create mock social media profiles of their character.

8. Your students create a study guide…working together on a group wiki.

9. You share lesson plans with your teacher friends…from around the globe.

10. Your classroom budget is tight…but it doesn’t matter because there are so many free resources on the web you can use.

11. You realize the importance of professional development…and you read blogs, join online communities, and tweet for self development.

12. You take your students on a field trip to the Great Wall of China…and never leave your classroom.

13. Your students share stories of their summer vacation…through an online photo repository.

14. You visit the Louvre with your students…and don’t spend a dime.

15. You teach your students not to be bullies…or cyberbullies.

16. You make your students turn in their cell phones before class starts…because you plan on using them in class.

17. You require your students to summarize a recent chapter…and submit it to you via a text message.

18. You showcase your students’ original work…to the world.

19. You have your morning coffee…while checking your RSS feed.

20. You are reading this.21. You tweet this page, blog about it, “like” it, or email it to someone else…”

This list got me thinking about how exciting learning and teaching can be!! And how eager I am to talk to people that  know how to collaborate via the internet. I really hope to get more knowledge on how to hook up with classes around the world. I think it would be really powerful to do a collaborative unit with a class from somewhere else in the world.

This list all provided me with so many good teaching ideas!! I really liked the ideas of how teachers can use technologies to engage with parents and help keep parents informed on the happening in the classroom, as well as in their child’s progresses. This made me think of how cool it would be to get students to set up a sort of digital portfolio. Kind of work towards a paperless classroom ( I don’t think this would be completely possible due to lack of available technologies and importance of some written work).




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