To add to the list of todays new discoveries is Schooltube, the educational version of Youtube. I feel like I should have been knowledgable on the existence of school tube before today, but at last my knowledge on all that the internet has to offer is forever growing! What is cool about Schooltube is that is made up of videos that are made for or by educators and students. What I found exciting about Schooltube were all of the many different project ideas that educators have posted. The use of searching for videos and ideas through Schooltube is valuable because it provides educators and students with examples of what other people are doing on a given issue. I can also see Schooltube being useful for teachers when they might be looking for a example of a project they have never done before. Schooltube also could be a way that students could see the different project that other students their age are involved in, which could act as a motivator.


4 thoughts on “Schooltube

  1. Thanks for sharing – this is a great resource, especially with younger children or as an easy way for teachers to find educational content.

  2. Hi Emily, thanks for mentioning this one. Could you maybe embed a video or two from the channel? It is much easier to have stuff available straight in your post and looks more technology fluent đŸ™‚

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