Learning project chosen!

Okay! So I have finally made up my mind about how I am going to go about my learning project. ( You can follow my progress in my Learning Project page!- I have already posted my first two steps there)

I have decided to set out to learn how to draw!

( or start to learn how to draw!)

Since this is a HUGE task, I have decided to break it down and focus specifically on learning the elements of drawing a realistic face.

I am going to track my growth by starting first with what ability I have now. I am going to do this by finding a picture of of a face, and without learning any theory, draw it the best that I can. I will also draw my own face using a mirror. These pictures will be my starting point. They will be the pictures that I use to ( hopefully) track some growth and improvement.

I will then use the variety of internet videos, lessons, and blogs about learning to draw realistic faces, and learn the individual elements of a face. For each element I will have before, during and after drawings, which will track the new skills that I am learning.

I will set up post that follows each stage of my learning process. I will also document the the resources that  I have used each step of the way, and I will create a page of all the new skills that I have had to learn in order to accomplish my final goal.

Wish me luck :) And I hope you enjoy following this journey!


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