Interesting idea: Facebook populates more people then all of europe!

So I was reading this article about the prediction that the revenue that Facebook is generating might have hit a plateau.

Although I found this very interesting what really got my attention is the fact that Facebook currently has 846 million members. This got me thinking about what percentage of the world population is using Facebook. I discovered that the  current population of the world is just over 7 billion. That means that 12% of the world is currently using Facebook.

At first this did not seem like a large percentage of people that are connected to the social media giant. I did some digging around to find different statistics to compare Facebook users to. I discovered that Twitter ( as of the end of 2011) has 300 million members, which adds up to about 4 percent of the world.

To be able to visualize how big 12% of the world really is, I started to look at percentages of population in the world. I discovered that ALL OF EUROPE accounts for just over 733 million people, which adds up to 11% of the worlds population.

WOW!! Talk about how social media is brining our world together.

This whole process of figuring out population sizes got me thinking about how an activity like this would be a great student directed project for a social studies and math unit. Looking at a population group of their choice and figuring out where that population stands in size compared to the rest of the world. 


3 thoughts on “Interesting idea: Facebook populates more people then all of europe!

  1. Just want to make a couple quick corrections here. I’m sure they were just typos 😛 Europe does not have 7 million people, but has 733 million, which does account for 11% of the world’s population! Also, Twitter has 300 million users, not 3 million. Just thought I’d point that out for you 🙂 Great points though! Social media is definitely becoming the norm for online communication and is making it easier for friends, family, businesses, classmates, and many other organizations and groups to contact each other and efficiently manage themselves.

  2. Thanks for noticing! Those were defiantly typos!
    And thanks for the comment. How quickly social media has changed how the world interacts amazes me. This has all happened in the last decade or so!

  3. that’s crazy! Things that are in our every day life so much (facebook, twitter, etc.) lead us to forget the basics for what makes up these ‘things.’ If it weren’t for the people, none of these social media’s would exist. So it is interesting to hear about actual statistics of the make up. Thanks!

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