Making Social Studies Relevant via Twitter

In our ECMP class the other day we were shown a person on Twitter that has set out to re-broad cast World War Two. Every day he tweets a new piece of news from the war ( following the chronological order of events in history). He claims he is going to set out and broadcast updates on World War Two, untill he reaches the last day of the war. I have not been able stop thinking about this idea- as Twitter has provided a very unuqe opportunity for people to display imformation. I think that as a teacher, using Twitter to document history in this way could serve to be powerful tool to communicate the chronological order of events to a class while also being a way to make history be more real. I can see this type of “live-tweeting” of history being used as a way to begin a social studies class ( that was studying some kind of historical period). The class could start with the dailiy tweet- or moment in time, and then go to do somesort of activity that get the class to further learn about that day or event. This kind of tool could also be a tool for students to become the teachers. Perhaps a group of students could each get a specific time perios, and be responsible to teach to class about those dates.

When treaching social studies I found it difficult to always make the content relevant and interesting to the class. This to me was frusterating because I loved social studies as a student, but found it difficult to make the content intresting for the class. Using technology, such as Twitter, really helped me make social studies relevant to the class.

What are your thoughts on teaching social studies? Does anyone have any ideas on engaging and powerful social studies lessons?


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