Documenting A Singal Day

This summer I was lucky enough to win a contes where I got to attend the Life in a Day premier. Life in a Day is  movie documentary sponsoured by National Geographic and Youtube and created by footage sent in from people from all around the world partaking in their ordinary daily routines. The result was a cultural mosaic of  one day of life. It is quite a neat film and I suggest you all take a look!

I was thinking the other day what a great tool this video would be to use in the classroom .It is a great film to discuss culture and traditions around the world. Although certain scenes might need to be fast forwarded through or skipped, I feel that watching and discussing people from all around the world is a great way to get students to think about what life might be like elsewhere, while also making them realize that although cultures might be different, people are people.

I also thought that working towards creating a “life in our class” video would be kind of cool! The video could be an opportunity for the students to use technology to display their own cultures, the class culture and the daily ins and outs of life as a student.


2 thoughts on “Documenting A Singal Day

  1. Neat idea! I think this would work really well for helping students discuss the similarities in their lives too. I worry that sometimes we focus a little too much on diversity and not enough on unity, so this would be neat for doing something like, “See, we all like to do different activities after school, but everyone does… so and so, or everyone has…” I like that it is the students’ expressions of their own lives– I think that helps to avoid over-generalizing or feeling like they responsible for speaking on behalf of their whole culture, which has the potential to cause immense pressure, or contribute to stereotypes.

  2. Alyshia! thank you for the comment. Great insight- you made a great point and I could not agree more about the importance of teaching unity rather then always stressing diffrence ( as we often do as teachers!). I beleive that unity , as you described, is way for students to gain an apreciation for people of all cultures and backgrounds. Similarities help to draw connections- which help make world issues seem more relevant and real.

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