A Story About Collaboration!

I would just like to start out by saying I finished my LAST university class yesterday, what a bitter sweet and exciting moment! One week left and I am on my way and about to start my career. To all you soon to be teachers out there, I am sure you know how I am feeling: excited, a little scared, overwhelmed with how much there is to do before finals are over and reflective.  These last four years I have had the honor and privilege to learn from and beside thirty also soon to me Middle Years Teachers (or I should just say teachers cause we don’t know where we are going to end up!) . These thirty individuals have become my supports, my friends and soon to be my colleagues. Last night, a few of us (that could make it) got together to embrace the fact that our classes are over and our careers about to start. It was a bring- your own- meat- barbeque- and -treats kind of affair, which are personally my favorite! As we are all soon to be educators and all quite chatty, we spent a lot of the night sharing teaching and interning stories, tales from our interviews and talked about our thoughts on job hunting and substitute teaching. As I was listening to my classmates share advice, experience and ideas, I couldn’t help but to get excited. What an amazing potential the teaching profession has to collaborate. Here we were, 15 individuals, casually talking about learning and teaching. At the time it didn’t seem that significant. But as I reflect I think it was hugely significant. As a teacher, we have to view our selves as being part of a much bigger picture. We are not simply going to become individuals in a classroom teaching a collection of students. We instead are about to enter a profession that functions off connections, shared ideas and relationships. As a teacher we have the power to use the multitude of teaching networks to engage our future students with ideas and people that they normally wouldn’t be exposed to. As the night went on we began to collaborate with one of our classmates learning projects. All fifteen of us took turns learning and trying our light photography! This got me thinking about what teaching should be and how learning should be presented in the class. One of our classmates had taken the time to learn something and now was taking the time to engage and teach us. Shouldn’t that be what the classroom should be like?

This all got me so excited about the future and about my career. I am so thankful that my ECMP 355 class has provided me with the tools and networks that will help to keep me connected with my classmates and other colleagues around the world. What I need to do is conciously set out to get connected with these netowrks and learns how these diffrent tools and resources with help me in the future.



2 thoughts on “A Story About Collaboration!

  1. Great post Emily. I really liked the following: “… taken the time to learn something and now was taking the time to engage and teach us. Shouldn’t that be what the classroom should be like?” I agree. Why can’t our students do this – why does everything seem like it has to come from someone who is a “teacher”? Aren’t we all teachers? 🙂

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