Learning To Draw A Face- Final Project -B

Learning Project- Final Project option B

Four months has gone by and it is time for me to say good-bye to my learning project  ( all 50 + hours!) and to ECMP 355 (which has been hands down one of the most useful and interesting classes in my university career!).

In January I set out to learn to draw. When I first found out about our learning project I instantly thought of drawing ( as I have always wanted to learn, but never thought I had the resources or the time to do so). I originally thought that this was too “cliché” of an idea so I sent a Facebook status SEARCHING for ideas.

This is what I got in reply:

How exciting. All of the responses made me think about how everyone is looking for an opportunity to learn something new, but often feels like “there is no time”, or “I have no reason to learn something “pointless””. This project has taught me that there is always time to learn and that trying new things and learning new skills is important to maintain all through out life.  I think that this type of student driven learning project could be really powerful in the classroom. It is an opportunity for students to focus on WHAT THEY WANT TO LEARN and LEARN HOW THEY WANT TO LEARN.

One thing that I struggled with throughout the project was deciding where I was going to go with it, and motivating myself to keep on top of it. When a project is so open it is sometimes hard (if you have a tendency to be a little bit scatter brained like myself) to consistently work on a given task.

I made a video that illustrates SOME of the drawings that I have created through out the semester. I have decided that although I am handing in the project this is not the end of this project for me because (as you will see through my work!) I still have a lot to learn.

Check out the following links that gives a detailed summary of each of the stages that I took.

Learning Project- description of project

Step # 1 : the Starting Point

Step # 2: locating initial resources

Step # 3- How to draw the eye!

Step # 4 – Updating what I have learnt via this learning endeavor!

Step # 5- Screen Cast on resources and learning!

Step # 6- Gaining Creativity!!

Step # 7- Shading, Value and Perspective

Step # 8 – VLOGS on Value and perspective!

Step # 9- Face Shape

Step # 10- Practicing Shading!

Step # 11- Shading with Mr. Clean!

Step# 12- A Printed Face!

Step # 13 – Revisiting Proportions and Hair!

Step # 14 – The Last Face!

One thing that I would do diffrently next time is linking my posts right after I create them. I feel that because they were in Pages and did not show up in peoples readers, they were sort of isolated from collaboartion and viewing.

I hope you enjoy, and please feel free to comment, share advice or any resources you might have.

Yours in learning and collaborating,

Emily Knowles


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