Health Education- Shout out for ideas

I was on Teachertube earlier today and found an extremely powerful video on body image. This video seemed to be created by teens and for teens and discussed issues around body image, eating disorders and societies expectations on beauty and personal image. This video got me thinking about how discussing, critiquing and learning about these real issues are so important in the classroom (if not one of the most important jobs for teachers).  I still remember what it was like to be in elementary and middle school and how real these issues and thoughts were to my life. I was incredibly unconfident about my body (as most young teenagers are) when I was in junior high and these feelings absolutely affected my experience at school. In grade eight I was blessed to have an extraordinary teacher that took it upon her self to help me work through some of my insecurities. She believed in me, validated my opinions and provided me with ideas and advice on how to improve my body image. And self-confidence this not only impacted my personal perceptions of myself, but also helped me to become more confident and involved.

One of my top priorities as a soon to be teacher is too create the connections, relationships and the classroom atmosphere which promotes acceptance, tolerance and builds confidences. I believe that an important part of this goal can be accomplished through the direct teaching and discussing of prominent life issues (such as issues of body image). The health curriculum provides a portal for these discussions and learning’s.

I feel that health education is one subject that I do not feel that I have had a lot of experience (directly) teaching, or an area that I have received a lot of resources and ideas in. This is an area of professional development for me, as I believe issues in the Health Curriculums are so important in the classroom, and they must be taught and discussed in meaningful and real ways.

So, this is a shout out to all you passionate Health Educators or teachers.

What are some resources and ideas you use to teach health related issues?

What are some ways that you would talk about body image in the classroom?


One thought on “Health Education- Shout out for ideas

  1. I would try and have an open discussion with the kids and would make sure that they feel safe with one another and I would set discussion rules. I would want to see what they know and the opinions that they have. In my health unit on self-image, I gave each student a list of everyone’s name and had them write something they liked, something they noticed, something good about each of their classmates (anonymously) and then I put them in envelopes and gave them to the kids. Of course I read all of them to make sure that they were appropriate. This was at the end of the unit and the kids really liked it. I was surprised in a good way at some of the discussions we had – the kids were reflective and were also supportive of all their classmates. I would say never underestimate the students. Even though I was nervous how some of the kids would feel – I told them that they could contribute as much as they wanted and that if they had any concerns that they could come and talk to me. I think being supportive is really important.

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