“All about me”


My name is Emily Knowles and I am 21 years old and am currently a pre-service teacher, studying at the University of Regina. I am currently in my final semester of my undergraduate degree, and although I have loved university, as I take huge value in learning and challenging myself, I am looking forward to start my career as a teacher. My ultimate career ambition is to become an elementary or middle years teacher. Furthermore, I hope one day to maintain a masters degree in literacy development or international collaborative education. One of my major goals as a teacher is to help my students to enjoy learning and to discover what personally makes them passionate. Also I think it is important to help students become aware of and engage in what is happening in their community, their country, and their world.

For most of my life I have grown up in Calgary. I have a relatively small family, which consists of my younger sister Sarah, and my parents, Margret Anne and Norman.

My passion for travel has helped to shape me as an individual and as an educator. I have had the amazing opportunity to explore my own country and have traveled to every province and territory, minus Nunavut (which I hope to one day visit!). When I was nineteen I was lucky enough to get to travel to London England for a week with the Girl Guide group that I was a actively involved in. This trip opened my eyes to the world (cheesy but very true). For the last two summers I have worked (voluntarily) at Pax Lodge (one of four World Guiding Centers) as a event assistant. The experience of living and working in another country completely changed how I viewed the world. This job also provided me with the opportunity to travel to ten different countries (England, Scotland, Greece, Turkey, Belgium, France, Ireland, Norway, Germany and Whales) and work alongside people from fifteen different countries. I am left with a keen interest in finding ways to connect with the rest of the world, a passion that I hope to introduce to my future students.




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