Cover Letter

Dear Sir or Madam:

Please accept my application for substitute, part-time, and permanent positions within your division
Through my degree, I have gained experiences teaching in a variety of classrooms from grade six to grade eight. My co-operative internship was completed in a grade seven and eight classroom at Dr. .A.E. Perry School. This experience both affirmed my dedication to teaching and learning, and furthered my skills in developing meaningful lessons and units, creating authentic assessments, planning differentiated learning material for the specific  needs in the classroom, and developing my own personal style of classroom management.   Highlights of my internship experience were the successful student – driven curriculum activities which I developed and implemented in Visual Arts and Social Studies. Throughout the internship, I frequently used technology in the classroom, not only as a teaching tool, but also as a way to engage the students and to help them connect what we were studying to their personal experience and interests.  As part of my commitment to being integrally involved in the extra- curricular activities in the school, I acted as full- time lunch room and playground supervisor, and assisted with a student-planned dance club and the student activity council.  I also assisted individual students daily.

I have worked with children and youth for years through Girl Guiding, as a day camp Counsellor for a non-profit summer camp for physically, mentally, financially and/or emotionally challenged youth, and through volunteering with at risk youth in Regina through the YMCA. Last summer, I planned programmes for girls from around the world at Pax Lodge – a world Girl Guiding Centre in London, England. These experiences have shaped me into a highly flexible and adaptable individual, and affirmed my interest in teaching youth with diverse backgrounds.
My ultimate teaching goal is to encourage and motivate students to enjoy learning, and to help them challenge themselves to constantly improve and grow.   I reflect continuously on my teaching practices, and believe that it is essential for teachers to ask for help when needed, and learn from other people and resources in the profession.

In closing, I offer a wealth of training, experience and commitment to any school division.  Thank you for considering my application.  I look forward to meeting with you to discuss my application and qualifications further.

Yours Sincerely,

Emily Knowles



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