Step # 1: The Starting Point

The first step of my drawing journey is to just draw a picture with no guidance or resources. This is important for several reasons:
a) So I know exactly what I need to work on
b) SO I have something to monitor my progress over the next three months!

I decided to sketch a picture of myself from a photograph that was take during a hike in Banff National Park in December 2011.

The sketch took just over an hour to do and defiantly shows a LOT of room for improvement!

( January 28th 2012-2hours)

I have decided that my next step is going to be looking up resources that will help me work on my proportions or a face and where everything is suppose to go.

After I work on Proportions I will begin to focus on individual aspects of a face :

1st- Eye

2nd- The Nose

3rd – The Mouth

4th- Shading

5th- Hair

6th- Putting it all together

7th – Perspective and detail

As this is a learning process I am not sure where this journey will take me, or exactly what steps I will take but this is the plan so far!

If you know of any videos, web tutorials or blogs on learning how to draw faces let me know! It would be greatly appreciated.


2 thoughts on “Step # 1: The Starting Point

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