Step # 10- Practicing Shading!

For the last couple of weeks I decided to go crazy on my shading practice, and this is because I have discovered that it is absolutely necessary in order to draw a realistic face! I Finished all of the shading exercises that my online art teacher Christopher Sia has posted and was feeling the need to go beyond his expertise and ideas.

I started my hunt at YouTube where I found several videos that further explained the theory behind shading a face.

My two favorite videos can be found below.

As I was following a long with the videos I found that I was struggling with both having to draw a face and worry about shading it. I decided that I would focus on a smaller area. Since the mouth down is a struggle for me I decided to practice my shading in that area.

I came up with a little project to help assist me.

  1. I took a photo of my mouth down.

  1. I drew the basic shape of the bottom of a face

2. I drew all of the components of a face. I attempted to apply what I have learned about shading, contrast, and lighting to my drawing

This exercise showed me just how important thickness; darkness and placement of lines are in order to produce a realistic art piece. As you can see my shading and line use still needs a lot of improvement! The teeth in particular show how darkness or lightness in the wrong area can completely distort the image (I look like I have a large gap!)

To further aid my practice of shading one of my friends found the following images while she was clicking around on that show the basic theory behind shading. I have been using these images to help guide my latest drawings and I have been a HUGE improvement!


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