Step # 11- Shading with Mr. Clean!

The other day I was washing my floors and really taking my time getting the floor cleaner out of the closet and into the bucket. During this process I looked at the bottle and realized two things:
1) Mr Clean is far to happy about cleaning and
2) Mr Clean would be a great face to practice drawing because he has so many extreme contrasts (his crystal white smile and brows, compared to his dark muscles).

I first decided that I would go to youtube and see if anyone has posted a step-by-step video that would lead me through the steps of drawing the famous “House Man”!

I could not find any useful videos about how to draw Mr Clean, but I did find a tutorial from a ten year old. I thought it was pretty amusing and was cool that this kid was using youtube to collaborate and teach.

I resorted to plan B, which was to print off a picture of Mr.Clean as a reference.

I have been thinking a lot lately about how much I rely on shading to create depth and realism and I got to thinking about what the difference in a drawing of a face would be if I drew it in a black marker.

I drew two versions of Mr. Clean, one with a black marker and one using charcoal.



One thought on “Step # 11- Shading with Mr. Clean!

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