Step # 13 – Revisiting Proportions and Hair!

I am currently busy working on my final portrait. I am finding that I still need to work on face proportions and making hair look realistic. had an excellent post that discussed the theory needed in order to create a well-proportioned face.

I found this page easy to follow because it used written and visual cures to explain any given concept.

I used the theory and tips that I learned via How To Draw A Face and the templates that I found on pintrest to create a (somewhat) proportioned face ( my first one!)

Another area that I was struggling on while creating my final portrait was the creation of more complex hair styles.

I worked through Christopher Cia’s ( my online art teacher) tutorial on drawing hair and I ended up really loving how creative you could get!

I have been working on free hand drawing in addition to this project so I decided to create an “Emily original” using the skills that I learned about drawing hairstyles.

Thanks for reading ( once again!)- till next time- Emily out 🙂


One thought on “Step # 13 – Revisiting Proportions and Hair!

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