Step # 14 – The Last Face!

I cannot believe that I am saying this but it is finally time for me to post my “last face” and hopefully to see lots of improvement from the “first face”.

In all honesty I cannot see this learning adventure ending with the click of the send button when I submit my final efforts to Alec. Although I feel that I have learned a TON about drawing, I still have SOOO much more to learn and so much more improvement to endure.

At the beginning of the semester I set out to learn how to draw a realistic face. I discovered that this was not going to be as easy as I thought that it might be. There was so much that one needs to know and understand about drawing in order for this to be possible. My initial face was an attempt to draw a self-portrait. In order to be able to do this I needed to be able to understand a) face proportion b) properties of light and shading c) the elements of a face and d) how to properly use the pencil and other tools to get a given result.

I had a long way to go and so I went on my way and started learning.

For my final face, I acknowledge that I am still not at a stage where a realistic face is a successful reality.

I decided to compromise and create a drawing from a photograph I stumbled upon of Lisa Origliasso, from the Veronicas. For some reason I really liked this picture and thought that it could become a really cool drawing!

I ended up creating three versions of my final drawing because I was not happy with the results.

This drawing ended up being really difficult to capture because it was from a side perspective, the hair was complex and it required finicky understanding of details such as how to proportionally draw sunglasses.

I used the following videos , pictures and tutorials to help me improves my drawings and learn the needed techniques!

With out further a do here are the three images that I came up with!

As you can see I really struggled with the nose, the lips and the sunglasses. I probably created ten versions of this drawing between the three final images here.

I am really impressed with how my last image turned out, in comparison!

Thank you all for following my efforts during this journey!


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