Step # 2: locating initial resources

Okay! So after my initial free-hand draw it is apparent that I am going to need to get all the help I can if I am to learn the essential techniques of becoming a drawer!

I have began to surf the internet for videos, websites, and artist’s/drawer’s blogs.

I have located some really good websites , and the following are going to be the resources that launch my learning:


( 6 week online course that breaks down the steps of drawing a face! This website is filled with additional practice activities to help improve techniques, so I will be following them as I work towards my final goal. )


( Focuses on learning the shape and proportions of a face)


Short video on the proportions and shape of drawing faces


Another video which breaks down face proportions into easy to follow steps.

So these are the resources that I am going to start with! I am going to put all of my resources in a separate page at the end of my project so that they are easy to access ( if any one else ever wants to embark on this journey!)

I have decided that before I take a shot at another whole face I will first break it down. With this in mind, my next goal is to start learning how to draw eyes.




2 thoughts on “Step # 2: locating initial resources

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