Step # 3- How to draw the eye!

So it has been a little while since I have posted, but it is not because I have not done anything, but rather because I have been busy learning how to properly draw the eye!!! ( which I have discovered is a lot harder then you would think!).

I have drawn at least 2o different pictures of eyes, using a variety of websites! I overcome many of my initial challenges and obstacles in drawing the eye. However, the eye is not finished with me yet so I am going to continue to work on the eye next week.

My initial struggle was learning how to effectively draw the shape of the eye. I found that I was either making it to round, or two oval, or the worst of all too lopsided!

What I have found in regards to the shape of the eye is that it is crucial to understand the different parts of the eye ( duh! hey).

The online course that I have found had a great diagram that specifically shows the different and distinct parts of the eye.

From this diagram I was able to understand what I was drawing and why that area had to be dark or light. Shading and light is still an area that I need to improve on, and there is an area that I really need to focus on if I want to improve.

Below is a couple of pictures of my attempt to learn the shape of the eye. I went to a variety of diffrent websites and watch numerous videos that took me through the steps of learning the eyes shape. These websites can be found with descriptions in my resource page!

Below are some  of the eyes which I have drawn up this point.
Areas of improvement to be noted:

1) Eye Shape

2) Shading

3) EYE LASHES!! I am finding eyelashes incredibly hard to draw realistically.

4) Eye brows- another area of frustration!

If you know anything about drawing faces let me know! Or if you have an observations or suggestions for improvement, also let me know 🙂

Tomorrow a couple video reflections will be posted, as well a guide on what pencils to use while drawing!!

Yours in learning,


3 thoughts on “Step # 3- How to draw the eye!

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