Step # 6- Gaining Creativity!!

I have been plugging along towards my goal of learning to draw a face I realized (around the end of February) that I have gotten very good at regurgitating the steps that I was being taught, however, I still lack the ability to make any of my drawings my own! I have always considered myself a fairly creative person (although never quite an artistic person) so it was hard for me to constantly be mimicking someone else. At the same time, however, I realized that it is very important to learn the basic theory so I will be able to eventually draw my own drawings.

I stumbled across the website The website is great!! And has some fantastic ideas on how to become a more creative person. Some suggestions were:
1. Try something new everyday
2. Take the time to spend time alone doing things that you love
3. Create a collage just for the sake of doing so.
I started thinking about their suggestions and how I could use them to improve my learning project.

I went on to pintrest to gather some ideas of open ended art projects that I could do to get my creative juices flowing. One such project that I fell in love with was crayon art!

During my February break I decided to create my own crayon art ( as seen below)

Although I would do it differently next time this project defiantly helped me stop thinking so much and just start doing.

Another project that I tried to improve my spontaneity in my drawings was, what I am calling, “The open slate”…
I got the ideas from and based my art piece off of this drawing:

I decided that I wanted to add some color to the background and add words to the middle of the face, so it made the drawing even more elaborate. I chose the words of Nelson Mandelas famous speech “ Our greatest fear…” This activity helped me work on shapes but it also showed me that I do not have to be focusing purley on realistic faces.. I can get a little more creative and individual!

The last project that I decided to do purely based on creative merits was the creation of a photo collage in my kitchen. I did not think about the project before hand I simply put photos up and cut letters out of old magazines. This activity really helped me just relax and do, which I believe will further help with my drawings!

Shading, Value and Perspective is next so stay tuned and stay golden 🙂 


2 thoughts on “Step # 6- Gaining Creativity!!

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