Step # 7- Shading, Value and Perspective

As I have mentioned from the beginning of this project, I have been struggling with  shading. Therefore, I have set out to find resources and ideas that will help me gain the crucial skill of shading. I have discovered that shading is what adds Value and Perspective to your drawing.

I had to research what Value and Perspective in art meant and found this excellent online art dictionary

I discovered that:

Value : is the shadows, darkness, contrasts and light in a piece of art.

Perspective: creates the feeling of depth through the use of lines that make your image appear to be three dimensional. The closer the image is, the more detailed it will appear, and the larger it will be.

Therefore value and perspective is what creates the 3d illusion in a piece of art.

The following are some youtube videos that I found to help me learn shading techniques:  :excellent! shows how to properly use the pencil to shade.

After viewing these videos I started applying these different theories to a variety of different shapes, and worked towards creating a graduated shading scale.

I hope this post teaches you something new about shading, because boy have I learnt A LOT! 🙂

My next entry aka Step # 8 consists of two v-logs that I made reflecting on what I have learnt about value and perspective- Checker out!


2 thoughts on “Step # 7- Shading, Value and Perspective

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