Step # 9- Face Shape

I cannot believe that this semester is nearing the end.  In just Two weeks not only is the semester done, but so is my undergraduate degree- crazy exciting!!

This also means that the formal part of my learning project is nearing the end. That means it is time for me to prepare my self to draw another full face in order to test if my drawing has improved.

I have been spending the last couple of weeks on face shape as well as proportions.

My main resource for face shape has been my online teaching instructor Christopher Sia.

Again I was finding that I was struggling with just replicating his exercises, so I began to search for further ideas of an activity that will help me with the shape of the face and hair.

Since I am a huge pintrest fan, I began to search pintrest in order to see if I could gain some inspiration.

I stumbled upon the following image of a collage of a bird:

You might be asking your self “ Emily what does a bird have to do with drawing a face?! “ Well, nothing, except that this collage gave me the idea to create a collage of the shape of a face.

I discovered that the basic shape of an image is called a stencil. I then went to google images and I googled “ Stencil of Face”

I decided to use the following image for a basic template for my drawing.

These are the following steps that I made up in order to create my face shape collage:

1. First I drew the basic image on a piece of white paper ( as you can see I need to still work on the shape of my face!)

2.Next I cut out the shape

3.I then ripped up pieces of magazines and covered my face with the ripped up paper.

4. to finish up I mounted my collage on black paper, cut it out , glued it onto white paper and wrote a message around the outside.

If you have any other ideas of any projects/ activities experiences on face shape let me know!!


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