Globalization Internet Scavenger Hunt -Student Worksheet

Globalization and Technology: Just how connected are we?


Directions: Go to Click on the Google maps icon. You must be in “satellite” mode. Answer each of the questions below!

1. What is the name of the major airport in Amsterdam? ________________________________

2. What two predominant colours are the parked airplanes at this airport?


3. What large unnatural feature do you see in the middle of Kimberly, South Africa?


4. What is the name of the major road by Stonehenge, England, United Kingdom?


5.  Draw the shape you see around the base of the Statue of Liberty in New York.
6. Go visit East 33rd Street and 5th avenue, New York, NY, United States. What two popular restaurant chains are in this intersection?

7. What colour are the chairs in the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg, Johannesburg South, Gauteng, South Africa?

8. Describe the view of St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow Russia. From the top, what colours are the turrets of the cathedral? How many turrets do you see?
9. Go to  the Colosseum, Piazza del Colosseo, Rome, Italy. What building materials seemed to be used in the original construction of this building? (Hint, look at the walls, not the ground!)

10. Entrance gate Khufu Pyramid base, Giza, Egypt. How close are the pyramids to the city of Cairo? What is the name of the road that runs between the pyramids?


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