Where I am From Poem- For getting to know the class.


Your assignment is to create a descriptive poem about your identity. Your poem will follow the same style and format as George Ella Lyon poem ‘Where I am From”.

The Purpose of the “Where I am from” poems is to show your ability to vividly express your identity through poetry.

Your Poem should use the hook “I am from”. Your poem should use: Descriptive adjectives, detailed descriptions, and specific examples.

What you have to do?

1.Fill out the brainstorming chart

  1. Using the words from your brainstorming chart make a rough draft of your “Where I am from Poem” using the poem template page
  1. Once you are happy with the quality of your rough draft you are going to TYPE up a good copy of your poem.

What you good copy should look like:

1)    Your poem should include a title

2)    Your poem should be at yeast three stanza’s long

3)    Your poem should have your name at the bottom of the page

4)    Your poem should have a border and be decorated with relevant pictures, colors, and designs



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