Teaching Philosophy

My Current Philosophy on teaching, learning and education!

Discere docendo , or in English – To learn through teaching, a traditional Latin expression  that summarizes one of the fundamental reasons why I was drawn to the teaching profession. I am a strong believer that teachers are also learners. A teacher should embrace every day in their teaching career as a time to grow and a time to improve. A great deal of a teacher’s growth comes from embracing the individuality of every student and class. I believe that in order for a teacher to learn and better himself or herself as a teacher they first must have a strong sense of identity.

As a teacher I strive to be a motivator. My ultimate goal is to help motivate students to want to continue learning and to help them challenge themselves to constantly strive for improvement and growth. Along with being a motivator, it is important to challenge students because failure and struggle is crucial in success and growth. furthermore, I believe that it is important to develop a classroom environment and relationship with each student that helps them become comfortable enough to take risks. In order to create such a learning experience I believe that creativity, ingenuity and diverse teaching practices are necessary. When I was growing up I struggled with learning through direct teaching practices, and regurgitating information. I often felt that I was unable to learn at the same level as the rest of my classmates. However, I have learned that if lessons, management, and the classroom are set up with the constant consideration of the unique dynamics of its students, that learning is made more feasible and relate-able.

Another important trait of an influential teacher is fairness. I believe that a fair teacher interacts with each student as individuals and is always striving to best meet their needs. I believe that every student learns differently then any one else. I believe that it is important to distinguish the difference between being a fair teacher and an equal teacher. An equal teacher treats every child the same, which often does not take into consideration the factors that, might encourage or hinder their learning. In order to create a fair classroom, I believe that a teacher should be constantly differentiating. It is important to distinguish that differentiation is not simply a teaching practice but rather it is a teaching philosophy.

The goal of educating students is for them to learn to develop skills that will help them become life long learners and citizens. I think it is important to teach in a way that encourages natural and efficient learning. Teaching through inquiry allows students to learn in a natural and personal way. I believe that teaching through inquiry is about letting students learn to take ownership of their learning and learn to develop fundamental questioning skills. Inquiry based learning allows students to go beyond regurgitating information, and instead go deep into the content and make connections that mean something to them. Furthermore I also believe that teachers should provide students with learning opportunities that are hands on and interactive. Such learning experience can be differentiated to meet the needs of all learners and can be adapted to be made relate-able and impacting to each student. A huge part of hands on learning is the experience that happens while learning.


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