Hello World,

Welcome to my education portfolio. I am about to graduate from the University of Regina with a Bachelors of Education in Middle Years. I am very passionate about teaching, learning, and collaboration.

Please see the following for navigation of my pages:

Blog Posts an assortment of reflections, articles, videos and new understandings

All about me- a description of myself as an individual, a student and a professional

Teaching Philosophy My current philosophy about teaching, learning and education

Credentials- My professional identity and qualifications including:

1. Cover Letter  

2. References:

Dr. David Gray , Ian McKillop, Marjorie Finch, Tirian Eynon

3. Professional Resume

Tech Tasks a combination of weekly assignments for ECMP 355

Learning Project ECMP 355 project where I set out to learn how to draw a realistic portrait.

Lessons and Unit Plans:

·  Globalization Internet Scavenger Hunt -Student Worksheet

· Introducing Consumerism and Globalization

· Literature Book Trailers

· Where I am From Poem


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